U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules 1850-1885

The mortlity schedules (1850 through 1885 and 1900 [Minnesota only}) reported the names of persons who died during the twelve months preceding June 1 of the census year. In other words, person who died 1 June 1849 through 31 May 1850 are listed in the 1850 mortality schedules. Deaths that occured after the census date were not supposed to be reported, although enumerators sometimes made such errors which benefit genealogists.

Since death certificates were not generally created until around the turn of the century, these one-year death registers created every ten years provide an invaluabble amount of data for historians and genealogists.

Mortality schedules are available for examination at the National Archives and the Family History Library and can be purchased from Heritage Quest. The records have been indexed and are described in Thomas Jay Kemp's The American Census Handbook (Wilmington, De: Scholary Resources, Inc., 2001)

Mortality schedules recorded

Note: Copies of Mortality Schedules can also be found on Ancestry.com. A subscription is required.

Reference: Kathleen W. Hinckley, Your Guide to the Federal Census for genealogists, reserchers, and family historians, Betterway Books, Cincinnati, Ohio

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