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Which Hugh O'Neall?

14 Aug 2006

I just came across your website, and saw that you list as one of the progenitors of your family a Hugh O'Neall b. 1698/1700, and that he was allegedly an immigrant to the American colonies himself. I looked throught the site, but I didn't come across any Biographical \ information regarding this Hugh O'Neall, and documentation regarding his immigration, except for a reference to his having "jumped ship in Delaware" - but again, no documentation.

I notice that Hugh married in Delaware, and his wife died in Virginia (i.e. either side of Maryland).

Unless you have specific documentation showing that your Hugh O'Neall definitely immigrated himself from County Antrim, Ireland sometime after his birth, then I would be inclined to believe that your Hugh O'Neall - given his name and geographic proximity - is possibly a descendant (possibly grandson) of the Capt. Hugh O'Neal(e), "Indian fighter" of Maryland in the mid 1600's, whom I'm trying to reseach at the present time, because I am descended from a Sarah O'Neal of Maryland (b.c.1636) whom I believe to be his sister.

The Maryland State Archives are online, free, and very easy to use. Plus, their name-indexed, with a name search engine. My Hugh O'Neal and his wife the widow Vanderdonck (née Mary Doughtie, dau. of maverick preacher Francis Doughtie, "witch hunter") figure very prominently in the archives of the early Maryland colony. I am descended from Rev. Francis Doughtie's son Elias, who married "Sarah O'Neal." Elias' sister Mary, after being widowed, married the aforementioned Capt. Hugh O'Neal(e). So, you can see why I suppose that Capt. Hugh O'Neal and Sarah O'Neal were likely siblings, who each married Doughtie siblings.

The "Ark" and the "Dove" were the first two boats to come to the Maryland colony in 1634, but I did not see the O'Neal name listed on the reconstructed ships' manifests. The early settlers to Maryland were a mixture of both Roman Catholics and Puritans, and if memory serves me correctly, Lord Baltimore - the founder - was a Roman Catholic who was raised to the "Irish Peerage" by King James.

If you have any further information regarding the documented ancestry of your Hugh O'Neill, I'd be very interested in knowing.

15 Aug 2006

Actually, I'm kinda surprised no mention was ever made on the O'Neal/var. Website of Capt. Hugh O'Neal/var. (even if no one is his descendant), as Hugh O'Neal "Indian-fighter" and his nut-job wife the widow Vanderdonck (who practiced as a Surgeon in MD/VA, by virtue of the fact that she had formerly been married to one in Nieuw Amsterdam), and his even nuttier father-in-law Rev. Francis Doughtie, witch-hunter-extraordinaire, who all figure so prominently in the early histories of MA, RI, NY, MD and VA (Mr. Doughtie having the dubious honor of having been systematically expelled from ALL of those colonies, in that order, and usually with great fanfare!) We know this, thanks to their having been embroiled in endless legal actions in the various colonies mentioned, typically with the ruling authorities both ecclesiastic and civil, which records still exist to this day detailing their absolute insanity.

16 Aug 2006

Ed's note: Link provided by John O'Neall Who's Hugh

After reviewing the link provided by John O'Neall to the webpage entitled "The history of a family tradition", several points become obvious:

1. There is absolutely no proof - not even rumor - that the Hugh O'Neill allegedly born c. 1700, or his wife Anne Cox, had themselves, personally, immigrated to the Americas.

2. Any speculation regarding the origins of the Hugh O'Neill allegedly born c. 1700, is ALL based upon the early 19th century writings and opinions (albeit over 100 years after the initial facts) of John Belton O'Neall, who simply states and/or implies that Bryan McPhelim O'Neill, Lord of Shane's Castle, was progenitor of the O'Neill family of Virginia, and had a son named "Hugh" (albeit not naming him specifically as the father of the Hugh O'Neill living in the Virginias in the 1700s).

3. The fact that the supposed progenitor in Ireland, B.P. O'Neill, probably died in 1669, if so, makes it impossible for him to have subsequently fathered a son named Hugh O'Neill supposedly born c. 30 years later, regardless of the fact that the connection between the O'Neills of Shane's Castle and the O'Neills of Virginia, as best as I can tell, is still based purely on 19th century fanciful speculation.

4. Capt. Hugh O'Neill/O'Neal, Indian fighter, was living in Charles Co., Maryland in the mid 1600's and was probably born about 1630 (his assumed sister, and confirmed sister-in-law, Sarah (née O'Neal) Doughtie, would have been born about 1635). I have not been able to find any O'Neal/var.s mentioned in the English Americas before him. This is not surprising. In fact, what IS surprising is that there were actually settlers of Irish nationality in the Americas of the early 1600's. Capt. Hugh was living in what was started as essentially an Irish Catholic safe haven-colony in the Americas in 1634, by the Irish Catholic Lord Baltimore, which colony, ironically, also became more so a safe-haven for English Puritans and Reformists.

5. I have been able to find absolutely no mention of the parents of Hugh and Sarah O'Neal (no land deeds, oaths, etc.), which may actually be an indication that their parents, whoever they were, never came to the New World to start with, or died in transit. Capt. Hugh's estimated birth does coincidentally put him at the right age to have been the "Hugh O'Neill" born to the B.P. O'Neill who allegedly died c. 1669. If so, the Hugh O'Neill of VA, who was allegedly born c. 1700, is quite possibly the grandson or great- grandson of Captain Hugh O'Neal of MD/VA, who already had several minor children by 1669, as can be seen from this extract from the Maryland State Archives online:

Proceedings of the County Courts of Charles County 1658-1662 and 1666-1674

[Vol. 60, pg 206]

The Deed & Gift of Mr Francis Dowty, Minifter, to Charles & Daniell & Joy Oneale, Children to Capt Hugh Oneale: 4 Cow yearlings, Cropt of ears, & holed on the right, to be equally divided as they come to years. witnefs his hand & Seale the 16 of July 1669

Signed fealid & Deli. Francis Dowty 0

in prfence of
Tho. Henfy
Gyles Tomkins

6. Capt. Hugh O'Neal of MD is also listed in the following extract, essentially granting a power-of-attorney to his brother-in-law Francis Doughtie, Jr.:

Proceedings of the County Courts of Charles County 1658-1662 and 1666-1674

[Vol 65, pg 133]

Know all men whom these may concerne that I hugh Onell of Charles County doe appointe my welbeloved Brother ffrancis Doughty [Jr.] my lawfull Attorney to act in my business that is now Depending this next Provincial Court at St Maryes as he shall see good and what my Attorney shall act in ye prmises I shall ratefy and confirme In confirmation of the said premises I set to my hand & scale Anno 1673 Octob 18th.

Witnes Hugh Onell (sealed)

The marke of
Garret 0 Hamon
John Harris.

On the backside of ye foregoing pap was thus writ.

I ffrancis Doughty Attorney of Hugh Onell within named doeth put & place in his stead Robt Carvile one of the Attorneys of the Provincial Court to appeare for the sd Hugh Onell at the suite of John Morecroft & to take coppy of the Decleracon & put in such plea as the said Robert shall thinke fit witness my hand this first of

November 1673.

Testis Edw: Williams ffrancis Doughty.

7. Other extracts from the late 1600's and early 1700's in Maryland involve what appears to be will abstracts for two different Henry (O)'Neal(e)s (father and son?), the elder possibly a brother or son of Capt. Hugh: Neale, Henry, (nunc.) New Towne,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–; 22nd Jan., 1672.
To wife Anne and son Henry, estate equally. In event of birth of child, estate to be divided into thirds. Ex. not named.
Test: Luke Gardner, Wm. Farding. 1. 517.

Neale (O'Neal), Henry,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Mar., 1721; 4th Apr., 1721. To George Thorld, personalty. To bro. Arthur, 1s. in satisfaction of claim against estate of his bro. Henry. To cousin Catherine Bisco, 1s. in satisfaction of claim against estate of testator. Wife Elinor extx. and residuary legatee. Test: Wm. Harrison, Wm. Lord, Danl. Norris. 16, 381.

8. Still other extracts regarding various O'Nealls from 17th and 18th centuries Maryland include the following:

Index to Maryland Provincial and General Court Deeds, 1658-1790

[Vol. 680, pg 969]

O'NAILL, LAWRENCE. Lib. D.D. No. 3 (17266), Test., p. 552.

O'NEAL, CHARLES. Lib. J.G. No. 1 (17273), Test., pp. 393, 394.

O'NEAL, HUGH. Lib. B.B. (17245), Bill, p. 236.

O'NEAL, CAPT. HUGH. Lib. F.F. (17246), Com.; Decl., p. 325.

O'NEAL, HUGH (Def.); JAMES NEALE (Pltf.);. Lib. N.N. (17249), Cont, pp. 25, 67, 95, 198.

[Vol. 680, pg 970]

O'NEAL, HUGH (Def.); STEPHEN MURTY (Pltf.);. Lib. N.N. (17249), Discont., p. 195. Suit, pp. 75, 97.

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O'Neill's Water Lot. Lib. T.B.H. No. 1 (17271), p. 324.

O'NELL, HUGH to FRANCIS DOUGHTY [i.e. Jr.]. Lib. M.M. (17248), Power of atty., p. 71.

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