Hatteras Island DNA Projects

Hatteras Island (in current Dare County, but formerly in Hyde and Currituck) is a very unique place with an incredibly interesting history and geography as well.

I have compiled a list of early island surnames from deeds, wills, tax lists, militia and other documents. These surnames represent the early island residents up through about 1800. We would like to be able to reconstruct the ethnicity of the earliest island families, especially the wives whose surnames have been lost to time. Using DNA, we will be able to reconstruct those families and help people who cannot identify their ancestors' families to reconnect.

Allen, Austin, Ballance, Barret, Barrett, Barnett, Barnet, Bailes, Burgis, Beckley, Balance, Basnet, Basnett, Basnight, Baum, Bennett, Bennet, Black, Burton, Bright, Brooks, Burras, Burrus, Carr, Callahane, Callahan, Casey, Cirk, Clark, Dahoe, Dailey, Davis, Dring, Duncan, Durant, Elks, Etheridge, Evans, Fulcher, Farrow, Flower, Gallop, Garrish, Guthrie, Gaskill, Gaskins, Gibbs, Goodin, Gray, Howard, Hooper, Jarvis, Jackson, Jennett, Jennette, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jonston, Jones, Keito, King, Kirk, Lewis, Lindsey, Lindsay, Love, McCoy, Maccoy, McDearmid, MacKuen, McKuen, Macuing, Mann, Masque, Mashue, Maskue, Matham, Meekins, Midget, Midgett, Midyett, Midyet, Miller, Nelson, Norton, Neal, Neel, Oliver, Oden, O'Neal, O'Neel, Oneal, Oneel, Paumer, Palmer, Penney, Payne, Paine, Pinkham, Price, Palmer, Peele, Pugh, Quidley, Quidly, Reed, Read, Relfe, Robb, Robertson, Rollison, Rollinson, Russell, Sanderson, Scarborough, Scarboro, Simpson, Stiring, Stirling, Styron, Smith, Salter, Spencer, Spenser, Squires, Stewart, Stow, Stowe, Taylor, Tolson, Toleer, Toler, Van Pelt, Vanpelt, Wahab, Wallis, Wallice, Whedby, Whidby, Whedbee, Whedbe, Williams, Willis, White, Wells

If your O'Neal, O'Neel, Oneal, Oneel, family descends from Hatteras Island families and you have a male who carries that surname today available to test (or who has already DNA tested), please join our Hatteras Fathers DNA project at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/HatterasFathers/default.aspx

If your maternal O'Neal, O'Neel, Oneal, Oneel, line, meaning your mother's mother's mother's line, on up the tree through women only on the maternal line extends back to Hatteras Island residents, you are eligible to join our Hatteras Mothers DNA project at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/HatterasMothers/default.aspx

If you are descended from Hatteras Island residents through any of your genealogical lines, and you have taken the Family Finder test, please join our Hatteras Family Finder project at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Hatteras-Families/default.aspx

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