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My Great-Great-Grandmother was Louisa Jay Hamrick (married Rufus Plato Doggett). My Great-Grandmother Nannie Doggett (married to Perry H Hardin) gave me a copy of S. C. Jones book "Hamrick Generations." She swore by his research. Our family hails from the Rutherford/Cleveland Counties, North Carolina Hamricks.

There have been several century long disputes that have been settled through DNA testing. Has there been any DNA testing between the two camps of Hamricks? I'm open to change, but I need proof. As you will see in my comments below I personally show no German ancestry. However, I am told that a person can be of a different ethnic group than there place of birth.

I recently submitted to a Beta DNA test through My results were purely ethic, which show my ethnicity to be 79% British Isles, 12% Eastern European and 9% Finnish/Vogal-Ural. There is no indication of Native American, German/French, etc. My strongest markers were English, followed by Irish, then Scottish, and weaker for Wales. sends me names of people whose markers match mine, so I've connected with many cousins - including Hamricks from both Patrick and George.

My main interest is whether any DNA has been done to confirm the mystery of the Hamrick lineage. I know from my own DNA and matches with others that I am tied in with the Hamrick family. However, as I mentioned, some cousins are combining George and Patrick's line. I have found some are adding Patrick as George's son.

Bottom line: Is there DNA on the two lines of George and Patrick? If so, what have been the conclusions?

Thank you, Gail

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