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A special thank you to Mrs. Miriam York, Elizabeth Andrews Duncan, Karen EK Schutz and and Ms. Wesley O'Neall Dicks for their genealogical research and for donating their collection of manuscripts entitled "Hugh O'Neall His Irish Ancestor and American Descendants" to the Library of the LDS Church, which is available to borrow on microfilm number 1697461 thru your local Family History Center. Thank you for this rich history of this, our amazing Irish emigrant family. This project attempts to collect all of the descendants of Hugh O'Neill/O'Neall.

There are several different ways to find your ancestor here, each option has different information so all sources should be checked. Use the

"More O'Neal's....Other O'Neill's Website"

One Name Study Website for O'Neal/O'Neill/Neall/O'Neil and

also check this site, the COUSIN'S PROJECT ( below these instructions, on this page) to find your ancestry, using the Cousins Project, simply click on the name of your ancestor and follow along the links and as you follow each generation, you will see the siblings and spouses and children recorded to date. When you arrive at a deadend, it is because that is the extent of the information gathered to date. We would like as much information as you have with sources whenever possible, or at least YOUR name and address so that other researchers (your cousins) can contact you and share more information. We want more descendants, we want you to send in your line, use the email link to do that please.

Documents, Sources, References

O'Neall Sites and More Information

O'Neall Homepage

References and Bibliography

Ulster Historical Foundation Document, with Royal O'Neill Clan Society

O'Neall Legislators from Indiana

Trinity College Pedigree, Dublin, Ireland

John O'Hart's "Irish Pedigree's"

"The Annals of Newberry"

Hinshaw's, Enclyclopedia of American Quakers

"A Genealogical Composition of the Ancient and Royal Family of O'Neill"

The O'Neall Cousin's Project, O'Neall Homepage and the Surname Database have been



Jill O'Neall Ching


with the help of many cousins from around the world including:

Carl English Porter

Brenda Brock

Donald O'Neall of Mead, Washington

Eunice and Paul McCammon Monticello, Arkansas

John Stoakes O'Neall France

Richard Lee O'Neall, Des Moines, Iowa

Patricia Anne Thomas, Winona, Minnesota

Jon Patrick O'Neall, Arizona

Marilyn Brien and Don Phelps

Betty Allison

Judy Jefferson

Delmar O'Neall, Bloomfield, Indiana,

Albert E. O'Neall, Orlando, Florida

Miriam York, Giddings, Texas

All Hugh's Descendants are cordially invited to send me their line, for inclusion in this project:

Ron O'Neal

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